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Accelper offers management consulting services for achieving profitable growth even in tough times using distinctive advantage of our easy to deploy business innovation and excellence tools. Download our Strategy for Execution Map now, and learn how it works!!


Our Services:

Training - A corporation earns while learning Six Sigma

  1. 1-Week Mastering Business Innovation - Train-the-Trainer

  2. 2-Day Six Sigma Green Belt for Service Professionals

  3. 2-Day Breakthrough Innovation Methodology (TEDOC) for developing innovative solutions daily

  4. A C-Level Executive Overview of Business Innovation for Growth

  5. Process Excellence for reducing cost dramatically
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  • Excellence - Six Sigma Implementation and project support

  • Business Innovation - Diagnostics, Strategic planning, Coaching, Measures, Idea Management, Change Management, and Commercialization ($$$)

  • Business Scorecard - Development, Deployment, Performance Improvement, and Software

  • Process Excellence - Management system development and documentation using the 4P Model of Excellence
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Review 2009 and Sponsor
Business Innovation Conference 2010
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More Highlights:

1. Delivered keynotes on Excellence and Innovation at ASQ Congress in Celaya and Leon, Mexico, about 1600 attended
2. Presented the first workshop on Sigma Scorecard for improving Balanced Scorecard performance in Kuala Lumpur
3. Established partnerships in Malaysia, China, and Portugal for delivering training and certicication in Business Innovation
4. Established business development relationships with Hegemony Consulting, Chicago, IL and Integral Consulting, Washington, DC
5. Congratulations to CartonCraft for achieving ISO 9001 Certification of its management system

Lean Six Sigma Scorecard Presentation Jan 09
Teaching Innovation Presentation at NACCE 09
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