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Accelper provides assessments, training, and consulting services. Training can be conducted by Accelper instructors or we can provide the training material for your internal trainers. We provide these services to Manufacturing, Service, Technology, Government and Not-for-profit organizations. Our services have consistently resulted in improved profit and new growth opportunities. We have provided services to clients in the automotive, electronics, medical devices, metals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, software, education and telecom industries. We have experience in the Business Process Management, Quality Management, Excellence and Continuous Improvement, Innovation Assessment and Deployment, and IPC Certifications. For more information click here.

Key Services

Accelper Services Overview

Process Management and Continuous Improvement Services

  1. Rapid Six Sigma Deployment for Profit
  2. Lean Deployment for Streamlining Operations
  3. Process Excellence Using Accelper's Unique 4P Model

Innovation Assessment and Deployment Services

  1. Rapid Innovation Deployment for Growth
  2. Creating a Culture of Innovation
  3. Innovations in Manufacturing
  4. Innovations for New Product Development
  5. Innovation Certification Programs
  • Contact us for a comprehensive innovation assessment using the Business Innovation Maturity Model (BIMM) or for more information.

GE Global Innovation Barometer 2013

Innovation Bulletin Board:

1. Innovation for Executives - An Interview with Prof. Clayton Christensen
2. A Strategic Perspective of Innovation - An Interview with Prof. C. K. Prahalad
3. A CEO's Perspective - An Interview with Chris Galvin
4. Leading Innovation Change - The Kotter Way by Praveen Gupta
5. IBM CEO Study 2012
6. McKinsey Global Innovation Survey 2012
7. European Union 2020 - Innovation Union

Business Innovation Maturity Model

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