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Accelper helps clients develop their business performance driven management systems  that fulfill the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or TS-16949 standards' requirements towards achieving the necessary certification. We have participated in the development of ISO 9000:2008 standards, and made recommendations for making these standards more effective.

We have worked with many registrars and dozens of clients in ensuring successful implementation of the management system and necessary registration the first time. Clients choose Accelper Consulting due to our 'Risk Free' fixed-cost services and a guarantee for success.

We offer the following training and consulting services:

  • Perform Gap Analysis

  • Develop Project Plan

  • Select a Registrar

  • Establish Key Performance Metrics

  • Conduct Awareness Training for all employees

  • Guide or develop the documentation system

  • Provide Internal Auditing training

  • Assist in Quality Systems Implementation

  • Prepare the client for Pre-assessment and Registration audits

Accelper Consulting provides post-certification maintenance support through system audits, upgrades, and assistance in improving processes.

Accelper Consulting has developed a new model (4P) of process excellence based on our extensive experience in guiding implementation of management systems based on ISO 9000, ISO 14000, QS-9000, TS-16949, or other industry standards. Our 4P model builds on Deming's PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle, and advances concepts of process management towards achieving perfection rather than just building to some arbitrarily set specification limits. To read more about our 4P model of Process Management, Click Here. To hear about release of the 4P model, click on the following link to our recent podcast:

Accelper offers 1-day training for you to learn the 4P model of process management. CLICK HERE to contact Accelper for registration, or  CLICK HERE for on-line registration.

"ISO 9001:2000 An 
Implementation Guide," Click Here to buy your copy.


Read more about our 4P model of Process Management.

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