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Accelper Consulting has developed the Six Sigma Business Scorecard, a revolution in corporate performance measurement that offers clients powerful leading indicators of operational and financial performance of an organization. The Six Sigma Business Scorecard is an innovative hybrid of the Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma.

Continuing its focus on corporate performance in service sectors, Accelper has developed a Service Scorecard. The Service Scorecard book provides key insights and methods for getting a grip on the performance of any service business.

Using the Business Scorecard framework we have created the Lean Six Sigma Scorecard to measure the performance of continuous improvement using the Lean and Six Sigma methods.

The implementation of Six Sigma Business Scorecard has led to an improvement in profitability of about 10% of sales for our clients.

Accelper offers customized training for learning this powerful business scorecard. CLICK HERE to contact Accelper.

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